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We experienced service problem for 3 months around January 2015. However, last 15 days, the service was horrible again. We registered complaint and technician visited on 30-8-15 and changed a part of STB. However, problem persisted. We called again on 8-9-15 and technician visited on 9-9-15. This time, he said the dish had a problem and assured us that it is resolved. On 10-9-15, same problem. We called helpline, at 2152 hrs, the associate hund up. We called again at 2158 hrs, Avanish Kumar replied, transferred to so called senior department by name of Riyaz. He also hung up.

We were expecting credit for the period we did not receive the service but instead, received horrible response from helpline. Service is yet awaited -don't know for how long.[/size]
I’d suggest you to provide your subscriber ID here so that their online team can get in touch with you. I once faced an issue where I paid for the package amount but my account was de-activated. I too made the complaint here and tata sky immediately responded to it. All I had to do is submit my subscriber ID. They resolved my issue by contacting me and activating my account and providing for the days I was unable to view television. I am sure they will look into your matter and resolve your issue.

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