Miss use of Pan card

Hello All

I would like to thank for giving your precious time on this thread.
Recently I went through my Form 26 AS and shocked to find another Deductor.
The guy has used my PAN to deposit some heavy amount which is out of my knowledge. I then used the TAN to find out the address and details of the guy.
It seems a clear cut fraud case to me because the guy is out of my knowledge and I don't have any relation with him.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.
Thanks for your reply sir
May be its a mistake but strange it is repeated.
This guy is continuously using my PAN for some previous years.
I would like to take some suggestion for further step on this matter.
We can use things two type first is good use and second is miss use so it depends on pan card user how he used it and want to know more about Pan Card Documents go to these link.

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