Max Balaji, Pathparganj, New Delhi tried to dupe us

In 2007 due to tension & stomach problems I admitted my wife to this this Max Balaji hospital. Before coming to this hospital, I had already showed her to a retired govt doctor expert in gastroenterology. He bet that it was gastric problem due to tension.
But still I thought may be something else could be there.
So the doctors there found after all tests that no problem was there and all was due to tension. So there is one doctor Dr. Sabharwal(Surgery) who tried to fool us. He said that she was having problem around her Appendix and if it was not removed it might burst and so pose severe threat to her life.

We were so tense what to do. I knew one young doctor friend and talked to him. He did not seem to agree that.

Finally it took me some courage and I told the doctors there that I needed a second opinion from any other reputed doctor. Dr. Sabharwal now understood well that we could see through his design and became defensive and started talking nicely.
I took second opinion from a old doctor from same hospital who seemed to be honest. Without refuting Dr. Sabharwal's suggestion, he added that even without operation would do. I picked up the hint. And decided against operation.
Now it is 2011 and indeed all her problems were due to tension.
Now a days these doctors have no morals and these hospitals encourage them to do all these to increase their profitline.
How many other patients this Dr. Sabharwal would have duped for money? He must be sent to jail.

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