Complainst Against Namita Nigam Dutta(Ghaziabad)

I was going through the treatment for infertility by doct Namita Nigam since Aug 2014. As all my tests were done including HSG etc by me earlier doct .Me n my husband visited her for some further suggestions in my treatment.

Earlier she repeated all the steps that were already done by me previous doctors and then all the test and follicle monitoring. We already waste 7 yrs in all these steps. Then she recomend byopsy and diagnosed that I am having uterus infection( TB). She started 9 month treatment for which she ask me to consult every 20 days where she write the same blood test includin LFT and others worth 2k to 4k and medicine 2k and ultrasound including follicle after every alternate month.

This whole procedure she repeats for the complete 9 month. During this 9 month period , I was suffering from weakness as well as pain in my joints and muscles, I always told her but she never concern about that ,she just add some more test and nothing else.At the completion of 9 month, now my condition get worsen and I wont be able to walk properly and having problem with all part of body .

When we complain , she told us that I am a Gyne , go to some physician . When we went for the physician , he recommended me anti ccp and diagnosed that I am suffreing from rheumetoid arthritis and he also told us that there is no any TB of uterus exist as every person 99 out of 100 is having this .

I am feelin cheated and really helpless as my arthritis is becoming more painful and it also waste my time , we are already late for baby. Please suggest me what can I do.

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