Your service is worst.

Dear Airtel Nodal Officers,

Your service is worst.

Yesterday I got the call from one of your customer care executive & they confirmed the SIM Activation Procedure completed and service will be continued without any disruptions.

Today it repeated again and my mobile was saying SIM not provisioned. While I am calling from the other mobile it saying the 'Number does not exist'.

Below is the Ticket/Request raised on the date' s.
Mobile Number: 9866926375
75768279 - 25th
75919485 - 26th
75807019 - 26th
75850618 - 28th

And on 29th April I reach out the Airtel Nodal Officer for the Issue resolution. It has been 5 days after I sent a request to the Nodal Officer & Issue is not solved.

I am not expecting the cash back from you &
I am not expecting any explanation from you &
(as one of your care executive told court is the next option for me) I am not ready to go the court because court won' t solve the technical issue.

Please Solve the issue by today. Or As you are not able to activate the SIM after PORT even after 10 days' s. Revert my PORTING Procedure/PORT OUT.

@Nodal Officers
As TRAI rules& regulations, you are supposed to resolve any service disruption issue in 3 days of time. You Failed in that. Please let me know what could be the best option for me?

Please provide an option to the user to initiate the PORT OUT/PORT BACK in certain situations where service is not activated for 7 days like that.

I Want my number to be back & reachable.

Airtel Team,

From more than 2 month I am fighting with airtel regading signal issues at my home address.My house is not in a basement, its fully open area still me and my family facing network issue.What is the use of taking unlimited plan if there are not signal.2 times technical guys also came for visit he suggested for boaster to me.Now I am asking Airtel to provide me boaster but they are not helping me.They are again & again telling me that team is working on it & problem will be solved within few days,but till now date there is no solution.I just told them till the time your team is working on this issue please provide me boaster till that time when issue will be solved you take your boaster back.Very poor service , no customer support, I dont understand why they advertise that india best network.Me and my family members are facing so much problem.I have 7-8 airtel connection at same address still airtel doesnt want to help.

Daljeet Singh - 9911115576


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Airtel Team,

we are facing signal issues at my home address. My house is fully open area still me and my family facing network issue. What is the use of taking unlimited plan if there is no signal.
I am asking Airtel to check the location and provide possible solutions to improve the net work connectivity issues. Very poor service , no customer support, I don't understand what is the use of spending money on advertisements, same money can be utilized for improve the services and instead of making advertising that India's best network. Location 1-24, , , Near Masjid, Yadgarpally(V), ECIL - Keesara Rd, Kundanpally, Secunderabad, Telangana 501301

J.Srinivas - 9931417272

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