XOLO Mobile- Very Very Worst Customer Service

My name is A.Anandbabu from Coimbatore- Tamilnadu. I am purchased Xolo Q900 (Rs.12100/-) and I am submitted a mobile for repair purpose in F1 Info Solutions, Coimbatore-TN. The Work order No.310000856682/ 24-10-2014. The mobile not able repaired by xolo factory team. After 25 days I am received replacement mobile Xolo Q900s (Rs.9999/-) from Xolo factory team and received dt.17-11-2014. (That mobile already 2 months used mobile)
After 2 months the replacement mobile xolo Q900s repaired and I submitted in F1 info solutions, Coimbatore-TN. The Work order No.310001153730/ 13-02-2015. Problems are Contacts are not able to save and delete, all Contacts not displaying, Camera Hanging, Battery problem, Display blinking, Call conference not able to make. I am clearly explained to Mr.Vinoth- Service Engineer (0422-4220122) about my past mobile repair process. The service centre executive checked a mobile and they are ordered spares from factory. But the spares not dispatched from factory on 4 days. I am mail to the xolo customer care mail team Mr.Anuj patwal (08800593187) and explained all the details. He is processed my complaint and the mobile sent to xolo factory and repaired and return to service centre.
I examined that repaired handset, but the mobile shows same problem, Contacts are not able to save and delete, all contacts are not displaying (in 250 contacts, 91 contacts only visible). Every time I need to restart the mobile to get all contacts. Not able to make call conference. Service centre peoples are tried to solve, but not able to solve. I am return the mobile to service centre executive Mr.Vinoth. The 2nd work order No.310001200390/ 05-03-2015 created and the mobile sent to factory.
I am mailed to Mr.Anuj patwal, regarding the same problem continue. I am requested the customer care peoples to issue a new mobile for replacement. But they are not accepted, they are processed for again repair the handset. I received a call from Mr.Pradip- xolo (0120-6639393) outbound team regarding feedback call. I am explained the all problems what I am facing and I requested to issue a new replacement mobile in another model not in the Q900 models. He said that I am forwarding to my head and they are process your request.
I am mailed to Mr.Anuj patwall, regarding the call from Mr.Pradip- Outbound team and the request of new mobile for replacement. I am enquired the xolo toll free number customer care executive Mr.Krishnan (1800 30100 104) reading the problems in my mobile and the call received from Mr.Pradip- outbound team. He is enquired to Mr.Pradip- outbound team and said the Mr.pradip is forwarded the replacement mobile request to the concern factory team head, they only process your request.
But Mr.Anuj patwall, rejected that replacement request. I am informed to Mr.Vinoth-F1 info solutions, Coimbatore regarding this type of issue and he said write a mail to Mr.Karthikeyan-Xolo service engineer (Ph:-9786154954), Coimbatore region. I am put a mail to Mr.Karthikeyan regarding my issue. He is also enquired in service centre and sent a mail to customer care factory team.
Mr.Anuj patwal rejected the replacement request from Mr.Pradip-Xolo outbound team and sent a repaired mobile to the service centre. Mr.Karthikeyan-Xolo service informed this problem to his head Mr.Swaminathan- Xolo head- South zone. He said this time you check mobile in service centre and give a feedback to me. Again I visited the service centre dt 21-03-2015 and checked my mobile xolo Q900s. The mobile was not booted, I am tell to the service centre engineer Mr.Vinoth. He is also checked that mobile after change the new battery, but the mobile not boot. The Mr. Vinoth informed this type of continue issue to Mr.Viswanathan-Xolo south zone head and the mobile video (not booting) also sent for proof.
As per the xolo company policy, if any problem comes continuously 3 times, factory team issue DOI-Special case certificate (The certificate for Mobile purchase bill amount. This Information got from F1 service centre). But Mr. Viswanathan-south head not approved to issue a DOI-special case certificate and he is insisting to send again to the repair process. But I am not accepted for again repair process. Because 35 days already over in repair process.
I requested for a new replacement mobile Xolo 8x1020 (Price Rs.8499/-). Mr.Vinoth forwarded my request to Mr.Karthikeyan- Xolo Coimbatore and Mr.Swaminathan- Xolo south head (process by phone call). Mr.Viswanathan approved for new replacement mobile xolo 8x1020 for me (by phone call), then only Mr.Vinoth-F1 service created a 3rd work order No.310001240625/ 24-03-2015 and the mobile sent to xolo factory. After that Mr.Vinoth-F1 service informed me regarding Mr.Viswanathan approved 8x1020 replacement and the Q900s mobile sent to factory. Once the factory people got the Q900s mobile they are dispatch you new replacement mobile 8x1020. This all information process are well known by Mr.Karthikeyan-Xolo Coimbatore.
The courier (DTDC- V21396486) reached xolo factory dt 26-03-2015 and I am informed to Mr.Vinoth-F1 service and Mr.Karthikeyan-Xolo Coimbatore. Mr. Karthikeyan going to Delhi meeting and he said to contact Mr.Vinoth. Mr. Vinoth says that Mr.Viswanatha- Xolo south head is not given a confirmation mail for replacement mobile xolo 8x1020 dispatches.
Now , Mr.Vinoth-F1 service, Mr.Karthikeyan-Xolo Coimbatore & Mr.Viswanathan- Xolo south head not given a details about mobile dispatch. Mr.Karthikeyan says it will take another one week time. No one pick my phone calls, They only sent sms to me. The replacement approve given by Mr.Viswanathan to Mr.Vinoth is by phone call only.
Already 45, still now the mobile not dispatched from xolo factory team. I am regularly follow up with all peoples but no use. They are all don’t care about this issue. They are thinking consumers are idiots, they are helpless.
I am wasted my time to visit the service centre 5 times and regularly call to them and mails to all the peoples in this 45 days. But they don’t care about this. The xolo factory team customer care head Mrs. ASHU madam also known very well about this issue but no use.
I have the mobile not boot video and mail communication with all peoples and sms copy with Mr.Vinoth-F1 service and Mr.Karthikeyan-Xolo Coimbatore. But approval got for replacement of xolo 8x1020 from Mr.Viswanathan –xolo south head known by Mr.Vinoth & Mr.Karthikeyan only (Their internal process).
I requested to the consumer protection officers to solve this issue immediately.
A.Anandbabu- Coimbatore

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