Wrong treatment by Dr. Somesh Chander (Cancer specialist from Ahemdabad)


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Really disappointed by the kind of negligence, leading to eventual demise of my father
My dad was admitted in Sterling Cancer Hospital, Ahmedabad. His case was taken up by Dr. Somesh Chandra and we believed whatever he suggested since he is supposed to be "reputed", and "best" cancer specialist.
My dad was diagnosed with mouth cancer and Dr. Somesh Chandra suggested commando surgery, which involved cutting off the cancerous tissue, followed by plastic surgery. He was 68 years of age and had BP and diabetic problem. We were not informed properly of the risks attached with the treatment, and were assured that he won’t proceed if case becomes critical.
However, it looked like he was simply experimenting on my dad. Even other doctors in same hospital said that we shouldn’t have gone ahead with the plastic surgery, which could have been done once he achieved stable state.
The plastic surgery part wasn’t successful, because of which my dad suffered a cardiac arrest, followed by a brain stroke, which led to his death after 1 month

I urge you all not to trust doctors like these blindly, just because they are so-called “reputed”.

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