Worthless Service by CARRIER Airconditioners

I had purchased an Air-conditioner by CARRIER of 1.5Ton (DURAEDGE PLUS K+) on 26th April, 2014 from one of our nearest dealer -"Fairdeal International" located at Tram Depot, Behala, Kolkata.

After installation from the very first day I observed droplets of water on the internal unit of the Air Conditioner. Interestingly, we also felt sprinkles of water coming out of the unit in intervals.

After this I had raised multiple complaints at the Carrier Customer care and after that three technicians from the Carrier Team visited at our place. Initially they mentioned that its a normal issue. They tried to do something with the internal unit and left.

Again the 2nd day we observed the same thing. This time they came and said it is because of the humidity difference issue as the unit was manufactured at Delhi. They took out all the gas from the external unit and filled a complete cylinder again and left.

On the very next day, we faced the same issue and this time they came and said that it is an installation issue and they need to join the left out copper wire during installation.

At this time I realized that it is a manufacturing defect and these technicians are only trying to use the trial and error method in resolving the issue. After this I made a call at the customer care and talked to Mr. Anil whom I requested to replace the entire unit (both internal and external), to these Mr. Anil said he will come back to me in another day but I believe that day is yet to come :) I raised two more tickets after this call but till date I have not received a single call.

I don't know what to say about the service, but the service is extremely poor. I can still recall the day when after so many advices to buy AC of other brands, I bought Carrier product. My trust for this company has come to a big ZERO and I would suggest all the prospective buyer to stay away from this brand. Their service as well as the product is HORRIBLE.

Amit Mukherjee
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