Worst service not even able to reply the consumer mail

I have raised an complaint on march 2015, but still now my issues is not resolved.
They cheated me and sell the water purifier machine which will not never fit my source water. Initially when request for the product a sales rep (Mr.Pream kumar) from villivakkam branch visited my home and tested the water TDS level and told it has 1350 TDS, so you can buy Enhance RO + UV which will support 2000 TDS.

Based on his suggestion we paid net cash 16990 rs and purchased the product. The product has been delivered to my home within 3 days and we told them we to set the pipe line, so you can come and installed in the next week. In the mean time had problem in my bore well, the bore man told the water is not dour to drink. Then we called the Sales rep (Mr.Pream kumar) and ask him to re-test the water TDS level.
He agreed and told he will come within 2 days but he never return. I called in several times whenever I called him he replied will be there in another hour and some time he not even bother to respond my call. I wait to an extend and got fed up with is respond and finally visited the Villivakkam branch to meat Mr.Baskar who in the manager of the branch. And I explained all the issues and told to him I don't want your service anymore please take off the machine and refund my money back, he conversed and ask for the written complaint of the issue and ask for 10 days time to sort out the issue this was happened around 1st week of April. With Mr.Baskar assurances I left the place. After 15 days i make an follow up with Baskar he also did the same as Pream kumar keep on telling asking me time.
At the end I totally fed up and visited the branch again and ask the status and action for my written complaint and strongly told I no need you service any more. I also complaint in the online and send an more then 10 mails to customer care Id and also to all other high officials, but didn't get any response for my emails.

He agreed with me and told will taken the machine back refund the full money with in 10 days. But no one visited to my house to take back the machine I followed up many times but no proper response. At last myself taken the machine and return them back without any damaged and sealed machine and ask for the money back they take back the machine and acknowledge me the full amount will be return in one week of time happened on October 1st week, but till now my money was not given back.

Now again they are asking for letter to refund the money and telling that the VAT amount will be detected around 2300 rs. I have triggered the email to all the level in the Aqua guard but no one sorted the issue and giving the answer please contact the branch were you bought.

Kindly someone involve in it and help me out in sorting the issue and get my money back with any detection and I also attached the complaints email for reference.

My contact number is 9600166092


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