Worst service by Aquaguard service center


We have bought Aquaguard Compact purifier just 1.5 months back online. Agent from Aquaguard gave us a demo and suggested Compact model would suit our need. However, just after a month from connection , we
realized , water was actually not getting purified. We stored the filtered water for a day ( as water supply shortage was announced in the city). Next day when we tried to use this filtered water from closed container, we realized there were lot of brown dust partials at the bottom. Actually one layer of it. We tried this exercise for a week and realized the same problem every day. Then we tried the same exercise for without filter water and actually there was no difference in the result between filtered and non-filtered water. We then registered a complain ( complain number 77962292 ) with Aquaguard on 30th of August,2014, we were promised by Auaguard to provide a maintenance service and inspection of Unit within 4 days. However, neither any one from Aquaguard called us nor anybody visited the compact unit. Finally after 3-4 follow up, on 7th of September, 2014 a person from Aquagurad turned up on Sunday, just to increase the problem more. As per him, it was nothing but filter was required to be cleaned up. Oh, and yes, just a month old filter required a service to our surprise. We requested, if water purification test can be provided, but service person from Aquaguard didn't carry the testing unit. He just reassembled the unit and asked us to check water purity the same household way on the next day and left immediately. However, when we started Aquaguared, we had to face another problem. Unit was not assembled properly and water just started to overflow through the top of purifier unit and not through the water pipe. We again had to follow the same chain of calls and requests to Aquaguard service center.Now they promised us to send service person by 10 am in the morning. But it's a usual practice for service center, ' they do not deliver what they commit'. Nobody called up nor turned up even by end of the day. We made multiple calls initially to the service center on the next day and then even escalated the issue ( Mr Prashant ) but only to know that they didn't had enough man power to provide the service. This is the worst experience we have ever had with any service provider. First of all, Aquaguard should stop to sale any faulty units ( if unfortunately Unit we have received is a faulty piece) and second they should sale only those number of product for which they can offer committed service. Either increase their manpower or do not commit , what they are not capable to deliver.

We are not sure, when we are going to have the next visit by Aquaguard. Can this request be taken up and shared this review for other customers reference in some way.

We demand installation of 100% working new Unit.

Pune , India.

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