Worst after sales service. Pathetic phone quality

It is a shame that even today we consumers are being cheated. I really tried trusting an Indian brand as against certain top line MNC's. But it is sad to see that once again my trust for Indian brands has been tarnished. Bought a phone on 3rd Dec 2012, within a month, the receiver on phone started giving problems, showed it to MMX centre in Mumbai, Grant Road (Jagger communications). They charged me Rs. 250 for their service even though on bill. And later they took the bill back saying they register all their bills. FINE.
A month earlier, i started facing over heating problem. (The temperature went as high as 55 degrees). Yest went to MMX centre again. The people say since i had serviced my phone from somewhere else, my warrant is void and i will again have to pay Rs. 250 for flashing my software & Rs. 1200 for changing the motherboard..
Feel completely disgusted & cheated. I dont mind paying the amount, but is this the trainiing micromax is giving its service centres. What is the sense of a warranty if we being charged with everything.
Will never buy another micromax product in my life again.. (Earlier had thought of buying a Canvas 4, but now, am hapy not having bought it)

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