Wifi Broadband not Setup by You Broadband

You Broadband Sales Representative Arun Kumar Prasad Mobile No.: +91-7304342722 visited our house inspected our Wireless D-Link ADSL Router and said that the internet connnection being provided by You BroadBand would work for our Wirless Router since we have to connect multiple computers and phones to internet. Following which, I paid for 3 months Unlimited Download @ 1 MBPS Subscription of Rs. 3553/- (inclusive of setup cost) via Cheque No.: 00002, drawn at HDFC Bank, Magarpatta.

However, when the Technical Team visited our house to setup they said the type of connection given by You BroadBand is not compatible with our D-Link Wireless Router and I would have to purchase the router compatible to your BroadBand setup. I informed Gaurav Kashid Mobile No.: +91-8796758424 from the Technical Team about what Sales representative had promised. He connected me via phone to his supervisor who asked me to allow Gaurav to complete the setup for 1 machine for the time being and that the Sales Representative Arun would visit along with a different Technical person to my premises tomorrow 29/01/2014 and configure wireless connection.

When I told him that I dont have any faith in your verbal assurance since my connection which was due to be up and running by 25/01/2014 was only setup on 28/01/2014 after calling a number of your representatives for eternity, He asked me to stop the cheque I had issued till Arun(Sales Rep) provides me with compatible router and sets up Wifi in my house.Following which, I allowed Gaurav to setup the connection for 1 system for the time being. Immediately after you broadband Technical Team left, I checked with my Bank and found out that the cheque has already been cleared.

Today on 29/01/2014, You Broadband people call me and tell me that the Sales Representative did not know about compatibility of router and I would have to buy a new Belkin DSL Router to facilitate Wifi Connection in my house. According to them You Broadband by policy does not provide customers with DSL Wifi Router and that they can only apologise for the mistake on part of their sales representative. If I buy a new DSL Router they would setup wifi for me.

I think I have made a mistake by choosing You BroadBand and paying for the service in advance. You Broadband has fraudulently sold me their product and are now neither refunding my money nor they are willing to provide me with a DSL Router for Wifi connection. They should either refund my money or provide me with a DSL router and setup Wifi connection in my house.


Get a router and hook that to the wire that you are now hooking to your computer and the setup instructions for the router and you will have wifi. That is what you need to follow if your computer is equipped for wifi. You don't say that you have a laptop or a desktop. Most laptops have wifi. Most desktops do not.I hope this may be helpful..

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