What is the status about Vian?

This for the Neermana project but what about other projects like Jaipur, Haridwar, etc. I did my Registry for Jaipur Project (120 Sq.yds.) last year (amount in paper is 90K whereas I paid 3L, as per Vian, the money is to build alll facilities). I checked the Rajasthan Govt. site and could see my name for that piece of land (saw name of lots of other Vian buyer).
I tried contacting Vian guys lots of time, there office seems to close and mobile doesn't work (or disconnected). So, it looks we are not going to get the land. who else has invested in Vian Jaipur? If we contact Jaipur\Rajasthan Govt. directly then is there any possibility that they intervene and do something? I will be coming to India soon so will lodge my complaint then...
No information on this topic . I will search on this topic and share with you after some time.
So wait for information i will send you . Thanks share own problem .

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