VOOT debiting money from card without the notice of the cardholder

This is regarding a complaint I want to raise against VOOT, for deducting or debiting Rs. 499 from my credit card without my knowledge. No email, No message, No calls, not even a OTP to seek my approval, but I see that money has been debited by VOOT. There is also no way to cancel the subscription(I am not even aware of such a subscription in the first place). I downloaded VOOT app from playstore and tried looking for any cancel link, but could not find any. Please treat this as a complaint, and help me in this regard.

25/05/2021WWW VOOT COM GURGAON IN499.00Dr
25/05/2020WWW VOOT COM GURGAON IN499.00Dr

This subscription was supposed to be free, as I see a debit of Re.1 on May 11th 2020, and reversal of Re. 1 in my card account. On further checking, I see that Rs. 499 has been taken from my card on 25th 2020, again without my knowledge. Now that makes two different debits, for Rs. 499, one on May 25th 2020 and one on May 25th 2021. Why is VOOT cheating people? If it's a free subscription which is what I see based on the reversal of Re.1, how did they debit Rs. 499 from my card the same month? And how again Rs.499 was debited this May 2021? This is a pandemic situation, and every rupee count, and I have already lost Rs.998 in just one year, because of VOOT.

Emails to"support@voot.com" does not evoke any response, no auto generated email,no ticket raised email.

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