On March 27th of this year I had purchased a Vadiem gas stove 48 HOB from Satyaa store located at changelpattu against the store bill no. 111027. For your reference and information the Satyaa store ph. No. is 044-27422020. The stove purchased in the name of Mrs. Devi Adalarasu.
Ever since I purchased this stove I am facing a lot of problems with it. It was delivered to me at my residence, when they opened the packing , I found one of the ignition tip that lights the burner was broken, when I showed them this and called the dealer, he assured me that they will replace it as soon as possible. They lit the stove using the self-ignition and it worked fine ,the flame was good. However a few days later the ignition started to malfunction, forcing me to use the gas lighter to light the burner. Also the flame is not proper , it has become orange with the result the utensils become black . On lighting the burners, flame is seen under the burners, which is very dangerous. I called the stores, and they sent me a technician to look into my complaint. He did come but never replaced the broken ignition tip, the ignition still malfunctions, forcing me to use the gas lighter, the flame is not proper and the flame still seen under the burners when they are lit. The technician did nothing and never solved the problem. I called the store again and he told me that he sold the stove and that I should not visit his stores or call him again regarding this problem. He said that I need to contact the company directly to resolve this issue.
Left with no option, I decided to email your esteemed company to resolve this issue as I am unable to use this stove , It is just kept closed, and also with flame seen under the burner when lit which makes it dangerous to use, Unless the problems are rectified, I cannot use the stove. As your company is a company of repute I decided to by your product. Now I am facing this issue of a not working stove for which I am repenting

I hope this email to you will help resolve this issue especially as I bought this stove to use it not keep it. I expect that these problems will be resolved as soon as you receive my email and very much hope that you don’t need a reminder to solve these issues as yours is a company of repute


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