Unsuccessful Stapler Surgery by Dr. Ashwin

Hi My Name is Glen George,

I got my self operated for Piles from Dr. Ashwin Porwal at Inamdar Hospital Wanowrie Pune on the 13th of Jan 2012. The report mentions Gr 3 Bleeding Haemorrhoid with Severe Anal Spasm, post my operation i was given I/V Fluids, Inj. Dolonex, Inj. Perfallgan, Inj Pan 40, Tb Restyl. I had severe pain after the operation when i told the doctor he said it was normal and i was discharged on the 15th of Jan 2012 and asked to take Voveron 75mg, Tb o2, Tb Pan 40, Tb Restyl and fibre forte powder. And a follow up date was give on the 28th of Jan 2012 at his clinic Healing Hand, however i was not feeling better, i visited the Doctor on 28th, and he gave me the a muscle relaxer tablet, which made my condition even worst and i had to get my self admitted again, on 31st of Jan i was again admitted with severe pain and Anal spasm. We were told by the nurses that he would be given pain killers and antibiotics ( inj metro, inj supacef, inj pan, inj emset, iv perfalgan, tab libotryp, tab trytomer, ilq cermaffin, i was in the hospital for 11 days but i was not at all feeling better. The doctor said its just a psychological thing in my head the report are normal and i was discharged again. Its been 2 years now and i still have the pain, sometimes it gets unbearable so i take sitz bath and take Voveron 75mg, please advise me a solution to this as its affecting me a lot.[hr]
I will upload my reports tomorrow, apologies i don't have a scanner at home.
I am just looking for a solution to my pain which i am going through everyday

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