Unreliable Amazon India delivery system for Prepaid orders


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Amazon India delivery system is not trustworthy. There has been at-least three instances where order status message showed my PREPAID orders were delivered but they were not. I had to follow up with their customer service after which the orders were delivered the later day or day after. My latest prepaid order for a JBL sound-bar (ORDER # 404-8079093-9720346) has been rescheduled at least twice in a week. I have made two contacts with Amazon customer service, overtime I am told that it will be delivered tomorrow, CANNOT TRUST Amazon. Tracking status shows customer has requested rescheduling but I have clearly not. Amazon site says order cancellation is not guaranteed, so Amazon will take more than a week to deliver, reschedule delivery as per their wish, give false delivery assurances for a PREPAID order. They are taking customers for a ride, disgusting service, too much hassle and follow up required. Customers facing issues should collectively raise their concerns to regulate this irresponsible business. Oh BTW, their customer service email option is deactivated so customers can’t even document their concerns.

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