Unfair treatment of Spice Mobile Service Center and unfair after sales service

This is regarding the unfair practice and treatment by the people in the Spice mobiles service center (Taneja) at Vikas Puri.

I have a Spice Mi 270 mobile phone and its screen went blank. I took it to the service center (Taneja) in Vikas Puri. I was shocked by the reply of one of the person when he said, at first, that the screen (Inside) has scratches just by looking at the top of screen covered with a scratch guard. WTF. An idiotic reply from an idiot. And then he said the screen should be changed because it is defective. And after finding that the screen was ok, he added, "ow. I think water has gone in the cellphone" while he was searching for evidences. Since my cellphone was under warranty ( I used it only for 3 months) , I told him to get it repaired. But he said "No. You Must Pay". For what ? "For the screen" still searching for the problem.

I had 2 replacements of the phone. The second replacement took place after knocking at the doors of Consumer Court. And this time, without any surprise, I have to take the same steps.

The words used by the person (who collects cellphone) was the main thing that forced me to write this complaint. He used words like "Chal be" "Hat" "Nikal be" and many other cheap words. He even cheated me by giving the job sheet, hiding everything except the signature area and told me to sign there. I, unquestioningly, signed and then he said "Chal ab nikal". On asking he said the job sheet stated that the phone screen was defective and water has gone in it. REALLY ????? Is that the way to cheat your customers ?

Now this shows how a company like Spice recruits cheap, third class and dumb people who laughs and make fun of customers with there colleges. It is a BIG SHAME on such a brand.

I want justice and I will do anything to get it. Doesn't matter how much effort is involved in that. All I care about, as a customer, is my Reputation and availing the services promised by the company.

I am a customer and I have the RIGHT.

Sreejith KM

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