Unable to Register SIM in Airtel Karnataka Network

I have been using my Airtel postpaid connection for the past 6 years, which was taken in Kerala . I have shifted to Karnataka and was using the same number for the past 6 months. But 2 weeks back , the network was lost suddenly . I tried to Search the provider and tried to register the SIM. But gives me same error as 'Cant connect to the network at this moment.." . I have registered complaint with the customer care, then visited Airtel store and changes the SIM , used different phones etc and tried all trouble shooting Technics Airtel customer support asked me to do. But for the past 2 weeks I am unable to make or receive any calls or neither use the data and Airtel is not a able to resolve the issue except repeating the trouble shooting tips . I have been to Kerala in between , where I was able to connect to the network without doing anything .

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