Ticket Cancellation refund not credited in bank by irctc/paytmag

I have cancelled two tickets, and irctc informed me that money is credited in your account successfully. Bank Transaction number : 665427043 for Rs 1850/ and other number: 665406079 for Rs. 1565/. But even after 50 days the amount is not credited in my account (SBI a/c where from the ticket was booked). I contacted the bank, but they informed that unless they receive money how it will be credited! I sent the bank statement to care@irctc.co.in, but they are not responding.
Please rectify the problem and refund my hard earned money.
(Comments; after seeing thousands of complain on non-receipt of refund from irctc/paytmag, it seems there will be a huge amount of accumulation unaccounted money. Which will breed corruption- should be investigated)

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