Terribile customer service my PNB housing financial Limited

I have a loan with PNB housing financial limited for the past 7 yrs and the customer service experience I have with this company is pathetic, where I have to call the bank to withdraw my monthly EMI so that it does not affect my credit scores.... last month (August 2012) I called the bank about 4-5 times to withdraw the payment from my bank account however the payment has still not been withdrawn from my account and im afraid that its going to affect my credit score and I may not get loan in future, whenever I call the bank there is an illiterate lady(Mrs Latha Dubey) who does not know anything about the banking process.... Initially the bank was in Bandra opp... Bandra station(west) due to some reason the branch was shut down and the branch was temporarily shifted to Borivali, because of which I had to rush from Bandra to Borivali to deposit money in loan account.... which obviously the bank does not care.... Now the bank has shifted to Vile Parle, when I called up the Borivali branch they could not give me any information related to my mortgage, nor could they provide me any contact information related to the bank, As a customer if I request them to get the call connected to there manager they disconnect the call and when I callback they do not answer the phone, which is highly insulting and reflects that they do not care for there customers....... I feel it was a mistake by taking a loan from PNB housing financial limited, I am not able to refinance the mortgage with another bank has my principal balance is also low..... I would appreciate if any action can be taken against the same to provide better customer service experience.....

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In PSU's unions hold country on ransom. Nobody can do anything against them. All they want is free salary but no work.

Credit history is affected only on cheque bounces and if they don't deposit your cheques on time then you benefit as you get some interest on that amount in your bank account.

You can check your credit score for as low as Rs. 154 : http://www.cibil.com/credit-score

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