TataSky has LOCKED Free to Air Channels and Transponders

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I want to know:

1) Why transponders are locked by TataSky, not allowing to watch free channels (Free to Air / FTA channels) by pointing dish to DD Direct satellite / INSAT-4B and other terrestrial satellites?

2) Settop box should be unlocked as we paid around Rs. 3000 while purchasing TataSky settop box which is 5 times higher amount compare to Rs.600 DD Direct Settop box?

3) Why should we pay for separately for DD Direct Settop box if we already have paid for TataSky set top box?

While I contacted to nodal officer of the Tatasky they didn't reply to me the exact answer why transponders are locked.

They give me IRRELEVANT reply that your account need to be active for it.

Dear Nodal desk, I would love to ask you that:

Do you know that all the transponders are locked by Tatasky by DEFAULT?

And WHY do you lock it by default?

It DOESN'T have any RELATION with active/inactive account.

Is settop box charges that we paid around Rs.3000/- in a year 2010 wasn't enough for you. It used to be unlocked before then why they are locked now.

Hope this time you will not say that account need to be active.

Waiting for your reply.

Best Regards,

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