TATA SKY - Channels not broadcasting and horrible service

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Most of the Tatasky DTH channels for subscriber ID-1140784693 is not working since 16th Nov 2015 as far as i noticed.

Called the customer care helpline on 4th Dec 2015 and waited for atleast 10 mins to get connected to the executive. She said, its all fine and there is nothing wrong with the backend.
I asked her then why should i call you to raise a complaint if all were fine. She said sir i will give you a number of our care, please message to that saying some code which she said after she gave the number. Waited another 2 mins for the number, but there was no response from her. I just cut the call to try once more after some time. Then i noticed i lost around 25Rs. for that usless call.

Later that evening i got a call form some Tatasky executive saying sir may i know what was the problem that i was facing. I told him that some of my channels that are subscribed in my pack are displaying as not subscribed. He said sir only 2 regional languages are allowed in a pack, so that might not be coming. I asked him one thing, how was it coming before and why all of a sudden it changed. He just was repeating the same thing that only 2 languages and all. Later i got frustrated and said, ok deactivate one of my regional language that is activated now and active the channels which is not coming. He said that is possible and said to hold on for a moment. After 2 mins he comes back saying sir i'm facing some error, i'm not able to process your request. He says call the customer care and register a complaint saying the same.

What the hell man. Seriously pathetic. You guys say something and convince us and cant even do that. I would seriously never recommend your product or service to any one and i'm going to disconnect after this month bill cycle.

Horrible and shameful!!! Life jingaalala nahi, life will be horrible if you choose Tatasky.

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