I acquired a Photon device in April 2012 as I was working on a project in Bangalore which involved working away from office and out in the field...so I was advised to use this service as it was value for money and good speeds...to my dismay this device and the service provided by TATA staff did not meet up to my expectations and I have found the speeds and service atrocious..

I have spent the last 2 months in continuous dialogue either by phone or emails to customer service and have escalated the problems I am facing to the appellate authority and even given feedback to vice president..with no response or resolution...

I have been living and working in UK and UAE and am accustomed to having a professional approach and service..but TATA are the worst company that I have had to deal with so far..

No one listens ..no proper staff training..no management controls.. no courtesy no professionalism...I am still not getting the speeds they stated and the services are so poor....I will not give up till I get them to accept and deal with their internal processes and give the customer what they are paying for!!!


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In India quantity only matters. Quality does not sell. This is the problem with all operators. No one is good or bad - use the provider which works in area of your usage.
For example I'd used Photon for 1.5 years( there was no alternative) and it was my worst internet experience ever. But Reliance Netconnect works very nicely. On the contrary Tata is much more reliable company than Reliance.

There is no one will listen to quality issues. Only hardware issues.
I understand what your saying but my point is that when you are paying for a service then you expect to receive it...it is a hardware issue as the signals are low and there is fluctuations in speed...if we all sat back and did not bring it up make complaints and give feedback then there will be no change...

Plus there should be some laws and regulations concerning these operators that should be adhered too..otherwise they are just not bothered to improve their services...


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It is not the hardware issue - it the limitation of their hardware/towers/servers etc. They will sell even where their signal is very weak. We're at the mercy of them. So it is not your fault and they will correct it whenever they want. You can't do anything.

All data card companies give free demo, just call them and see it's signal is fine ( with speedtest.net) - the most important thing is to ask feedback of users in your area. Better talk to postman delivering service providers bills and contact them.

Don't waste your time further in following with Photon. Also test another device on your computer in the same place to be sure your device is not defective. You can also use MTS/Reliance + GSM data cards + 3G data cards. You'll lot of options.

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