Tata Photon - Betrayed on Plan & Coverage or range / Signal Problem - Need Refund

I have Tata Photon 2G Device; I am using it from last 2-3 years. From this year I started using it Pune. When I purchased this device company has offered me plan of 1 GB unlimited (Up to 1GB High Speed and then 256kbps) My house is in Sadashiv peth, Pune. I started using this device in Pune near about from Jan 2013 and realized that the speed I was getting is very very low therefore I called Tata photon Customer care and registered a complaint regarding same on 13 Feb 2013 for which even after lot of follow up I have not received proper response. Then I visited nearby Tata photon out late / Brand Store, on Bajirao Road, in month of March and again registered a complaint for same on 8th March for signal & connectivity problem. For complaint registered in March also I have not received any response from company. Then in last month (Sep) finally I came to the decision of terminating the device. Before coming to this decision I have also asked company many times to covert my plan to pre paid as I was not able to use this device where I stay but they told me that this can not be done in Pune as I had purchased this device in Delhi. Therefore I decided to close the connection and asked company to provide me termination request number, at this time company agreed to provide me plan of 3GB unlimited in rs 550 (same amount) & also agreed on sending engineer to resolve the range issue. On last Saturday (19/10/2013) engineer visited my place and he given feedback to his corresponding network team that coverage is very very poor and multiple networks are present here. On Sunday afternoon (20 /10/2013) I received call from company saying we will not be able to resolve the issue and we are closing this complaint, I told them not to close the complaint as issue is not resolved. (Complaint no details & other details are mentioned below.) On Tuesday I called Tata Photon customer care to ask what can be done in this matter, they offered me rs. 500 discount on my bill. But as I not getting range or speed not even able to open my mails, I have not agreed on this and asked person to refund money from my complaint date or transfer call to senior as I am expecting refund of my money from month of Jan or Feb as I have launched complaint regarding same in Feb and facing this inconvenience since 10 moths. As company or company representative promised me at the time of purchase of device to provide good quality service all over India and same is not fulfilled therefore I fill betrayed. Please note I am using this device in the heart or core part of the Pune city & not in any remote area. Also the plan which was offered me was very old and not similar to what given to new consumers (compliant with current offered plans), regarding this also I have many times requested company to change my plan to better pan but they denied to do so that time but offered me better plan in same amount of money when I came to decision of termination. I request you to please guide me in this regard as I fill very frustrated and cheated for service I have received & amount of money I paid to company.

Tata Photon Details:

Tata Photon Account Number : 909396985 \
Tata Photon Number : 9212548185
Tata Photon Complaint No:-
12th October 2013 Complaint No : 384127283 (Complaint taken By Aman)
8th March 2013 Complaint No : 352260723
13th February 2013 Complaint No : 350240269

I have paid my all earlier bills on time and before due dates but Tata photon has failed to proved good service w.r.t. money they charged, now I have stopped using there device as there is very poor coverage.

Now I received mail from Tata docomo saying adjustment in my current bill but I expect retention of good quality service in my area or compensation from month of FEB / MARCH 2013 when I registered my first complaint.

Customer care executives are dining to take my complaint on this issue therefore I am very concerned, request you to please suggest on same and help me to get justice.


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