TATA Indicom 3G - Deduction of balance while data pack active

Please help my case. Do you believe this sor of deduction is right?

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I had 50.4 mb of data left in my account. I connected to Internet and I used a total of 44 mb of data during my browsing. (Confirmed by Tata Customer Care). But still I was charged Rs. 126 for an "extra" usage of 12.2 mbs from my account balance. And now my remaining DATA balance is 18 mbs. It should be 6 mbs after my usage.

The Customer Care told me that I cannot use multiple apps or multiple tabs for browsing. I am using a Smart phone and we are in 2014 (not 1994 or 2004). Every phone which has 3G has multiple apps/browsers.

This has happened before. Last time I was charged TWICE Rs. 140 and Rs. 50 in the same manner. And before that I used to get charged in small amounts which totaled up to Rs. 10-15 by the end of the month.

When I asked for a refund they said you been charged for data you used. We cannot refund. And disconnected my calls Or told me we cannot do anything for you, please email listen@tatadocomo.com. I am getting same replies from the email. And same replies from the customer complain and feedback on the website.

This is ridiculous. If the system has a problem. Its not our fault. Why should we pay if the system cannot calculate the data used by multiple apps/browsers. I have been charged over Rs. 300 in the 2-3 months. That's not a small amount for a prepaid phone user.

I want a full refund. I won't stop or give up. I have waited 2-3 months for the "system" to get corrected. But it seems TATA Indicom likes to charge customers twice for their data usage.

Thank You.
Bhooshan AJ

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