suburban trains from Tambaram to Beach


We are using suburban electric train services from our childhood days, now it has become a most essential commodity to reach office, there are ladies, children, old, young so many people use it. Around 7 to 10 years back the service are changed from Meter Gauge to Broad Gauge services to control the crowd. Recently for the past 1 week there are so many accidents happening, if you can see people are falling from the train due to heavy rush during office hours.

These innocent people death is so valuable, I can very well blame your service being the major cause for it.

One day I was waiting in "Tambaram Sanatorium" station to go to my office, I was seeing trains are coming with full rush. I waited for 3 to 4 trains, however the rush was not reduced still the trains are arriving to the platform fully crowded because of the service delay, sometimes 30 to 40 mins no trains during peak hours. That day I was not able to reach my office, this happens atleast 3 to 4 times in a week. Who is responsible. I want to take this as a complain and talk to the responsible officer, looks like the value of life should be taught to them.

As the trains are coming fully crowded most of the office hours I see some ladies and old people enter into the train to some how reach their office which is unavoidable. If the responsible officer understands the human value and take steps to increase the number of trains like it should be doubled from the existing services, if he says it is not possible let him give a proper reason or please share his contact number I will talk to him and see how i can increase the value of innocent human from these ignorant officers.

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