Sub: Mental Harrasement and abuse by Recovery agents of ICICI Credit card

Dear Sir,
I the undersigned regretfully inform you that time and again I am being threatned, abused, tortured by the call centre employee of ICICI collection agent named Jyothi and other names.
This long pending since 13 years, issue has not been solved amicably by ICICI bank. I have taken only 1 credit card and whereas ICICI recovery agents says I have 2 credit cards which is higly disputable and questionable. Whichever job location I go these recovery agents follow my office contact number and harass me mentally, physically and disturb me.
When I say that i am ready to settle the dispute for 1 pending credit card amount due since 2005 but they are reluctant and say I owe them payment for 2 credit cards. Once my wife took the phone Icici recovery agents asked my wife's mobile number and if I do not answer the mobile calls since I am busy in my office they call my wife in her number and ask why your husband does not pick up the phone. So by hook or crook ICICI recovery agents harass and disturb the entire family.

Kindly, intervene with ICICI Bank and let me know the amicable settlement of only 1 credit card.

Rajgopalan k

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