Stupid service by Airtel India

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Hi Airtel I (9963092123) lost network suddenly on 29-05-2019 so I spoke to customer support they said me suppose to take new SIM card with same number so went a store in Karimnagar mukurampur branch day1 30-05-2019 11:00am they gave sim change but it showing me same issue after 4hours then I went 2nd time 3:00 pm then they gave me one more sim card after 2hour the issue same then I went day2 01-06-2019 11:00am they said me 1hour then after I went store again 3:00pm they said EOD the problem still same. day3 I am tring to call and follow up to concern person still not respond. Stupid service by Airtel #airtelstore #airtelpostpaid#airtelkarimnagar #loveairtel #airtelcontact me 8978540612 i tweet and mail them i am facing problem from 5days.


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