Strange Process to be Followed by HDFC bank

A strange process followed by HDFC Credit Department, which never informed while issuing any new card to any customer neither it’s written in any terms and condition that to reapply or close of any card or account we need to submit a hard copy to bank. Really strange that no other banks are following this process. In today’s busy world who has the time to go to bank and submit written application or even go ahead to courier or post the hard copy, for any kind of changes for your own account when there are others ways to authenticate through online?
I had a card which was blocked in the month of Aug, 2014 and after that I never reapplied neither given any written communication to reissue a new card. But strangely a new card has been issued to me which I never received and now they have charged me the membership fee without ant intimation.
When I asking for the reversal they are asking me to follow the procedure by submitting the hard copy for the closure and reversal of the amount. My question to HDFC, in the 1st instance why it has been issued when initially I have not followed the procedure to reissue the card by submitting any written application nor any one informing the customer about this kind of bull shit procedure.
Really pathetic service and procedures HDFC is following and making the customer upset and unhappy. Please reserve the amount as I will not be making any payment towards this.
Thanks & Regards
Priyanko Sinha

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