Standard Chartered Bank - Credit card unnecessary late fees

Hi, I have a credit card # 4541982334817167 for SC bank which i was using for almost all the transaction. I maintained a good credit history and spent more than 5 lacs in a calender year. But in March, 2014, SC imposed a late fee on my credit card without any reason. They have neither sent any bill (neither hard not soft copy) nor any sms for due amount. I have called their customer care to revert it but they did not respond back. I stopped paying the bills unless they revert back the late charges and they are imposing late payment now as well. Now they have entered defaulter entry in CIBIL as well. I am threaten by their recovery agents to pay the amount. I am shocked to see SC's unprofessionalism towards their loyal customers. I want to file a complaint against SC and need their assistence to close this matter asap.


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Late fees are applied automatically by software. Had you called immediately after that they'd have refunded for you - I'm sure.

Not paying the dues is very wrong on your part. So in this case I see no mistake of Bank.

Please clear the dues I'm sure no bank will compromise on this default.

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