someone has stolen my luggage from chapra

i want to tell you that when i am backing to my home from chapra to chandigarh dated 10 may 2018 my ticket is in train no 04973 from chapra to ambala. when the train come on the platform no 2 than i go take the my seat in the coach no 7 my luggage is theft from the gate of the train and in the luggage around 20 lakh jewelry are there and some important document when i go fr fir to chapra grpf they report are fir and when i told them to check the camera so the person who theft my luggage is found easy but they are tell me that the camera is not working these days. my question from you is that if your camera is not working than why are you set up there. so many people are travelling from one place to another and you have set up the camera but they are not working sir i requested from you that please take necessary step on both the cases help me to caught the person who theft my luggage because my whole life hardworking is in there. i carry so many jewelry because of my son marriage and backing to my home chandigarh my luggage is theft and second thing is that camera is not working so please take a necessary step on both of the case i hope you definitely help me to ind my luggage. my contact number is 9779441147 anil kumar pandey

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