sofa cheating !!


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We saw the ad in olx chennai , that the seller ( devaraj ) is manufacturing and selling new sofas under the name ( thirumala furniture ) , we ordered 3 sofas of rs.42,000 worth , so in advance we gave rs.8000 in cash , but he didnt gave the bill , instead he gave a written statement... he asked one week time , so after a week, we kept on calling but he didnt pick up the phone, and atlast after 14 days he called and said sofa is ready , so we went to his factory to see it, but to our shock , he hasnt made the sofa as we said, it was fully wrong(size difference, color differenent,shape different .... ) and it was so horrible looking like a second hand... not even worth for rs.10000, so we said we dont need the sofa , and asked him to better return the amount of rs.8000, even we asked him to deduct some amount and then give the balance... but he was so stubborn and said i will alter and give u the sofa , he spoke as though we are getting a second hand sofa... we said no need and asked our amount of rs.8000 , but he rudely said to go wherever u want but i wont give ur rupees... he even said why are u calling me and troubling and asked us to call his partner and ask, we gave our amount and order to him only , but he is shouting us to call his partner, he was this irresponsible and he has cheated us, still the sofa and my amount of rs.8000 is with him..... so now i have the following evidence : 1. call record 2. written statement( no bill ) which he gave that he has recieved rs.8000 , so is this 2 evidence enough to approach consumer court ?

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