Sansui India - Extreme Cheap Quality LED TV's

I bought Sansui LED TV 32 inch 2 years back with 1 year warranty worth 26,000 INR. After using of just 6 months it start switch off automatically. Whenever I switch off the TV and than try to switch it on again, it won't working for me. I thought it was just minor problem, so I ignore this. But after around a year (warranty over) it's completely stopped working. I file the complaint to Sansui service center and they after 2 days their technician came and took 900 INR to just check and they told me it's a power supplier problem and it cost us around 4000 INR to replace the power supplier. I again contact to Sansui service center to request them to replace my TV power supplier and they said it will take around 15 days as the part is not available at the time.

I again contact them after 15 days and they told me it's still not available, it was happened with me again and again for more than 2 months. Finally, they told me the part is not available if you can't wait then we will replace the TV with new one but without warranty, I agree with them and they charge me 10,000 INR for new 32 inch LED TV (so this TV cost me 36,000 INR, however anyone can easily buy 40 inch HD TV in this price in India) now I get the new TV in around April 2014. Now again the turning point of my bad luck and the EXTREME CHEAP and WORST quality of Sansui product, the volume of the TV start shutting down automatically, I need to turn off and again turn it ON to work volume properly.

I really don't know what to do as they don't gave me warranty for this TV so I can't ask them for free of cost service. On the other hand, my neighbors have LED TV's with Onida, Akai, Samsung, etc. And they are working absolutely fine from years and years.

I just wanted to ask Sansui that what happen to your products, as Sansui was one of the trusted brand in CRT TV's but now I really really very disappointed. And just wanted to say STOP MAKING PEOPLE FOOL and do something with CHEAP quality as other brands, you are just ruin you brand name. Highly NOT recommended to anyone. Please DON"T buy Sansui LED/LCD TV's.

Is anyone here with the same problem?

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