Samsung Service Worst Service

Dear Concern,

Model Code: WT9001EG/XTL
Requested Date: 21/06/2018
Compliant no: 4262999633
Requested Date: 25/06/2018
Second Compliant no: 4263244215

I am a Samsung Customer holding a Semi Automatic Washing Machine. I am writing this email because of the poor service. Recently a couple of weeks back, my machine washer is not properly functioning and I have raised a complaint with Samsung people and they sent a useless serviceman and he doesn't look into the actual problem and started troubling us to bring the machine to the service centre. We took the machine to the service centre. It's been a week passed but still, they didn't look into the problem.

Is this the Samsung Brand ..?
How useless are the service centre people..?
How useless are the Customer Care people closing the complaint without Customer notice?
I need an Immediate Action on this.

Service Engineer SRIDHAR, Mobile No: 8886699010

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