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My name is krupali, I have been using different samsung phones for a long time. I had purchased a new galaxy M31s in diwali going out of my budget, with a trust of buying a good phone (I still have my galaxy j7 in good working condition despite of using it for years)

Suddenly yesterday at 3:30 pm my phn touch stopped working, the display started flickering now its not working at all.

I visited the Service centre at Mulund east city of joy (Raj entrerprises), I understand i wasnt allowed inside but the guy sitting out just took my phone and said display is damaged and i need to pay 5k to get it changed.
I explained him that phone hasnt been damaged as it hasnt fell or anything. He showed me a minor whiteline at the bottom of the display.
I recollected that about four months back the phone had fallen and that line as showing since then, however till yesterdy the phone as working absolutely fine, the phone still works he could have cecked the logs as well.

The simply denied, i tried connnecting to seller ad requested them to atleast ceck it once as I know it was working untill yesterday and no accidents had happened recently, they mocked at me, behaved rude with me. After standing their for almost 1 hour 45 mins the senior spoke to me on phone and asked to submit the phone for a check, the guy waiting out still mocked and told me there was no use to check.

After 5 hours from them they told me display is gone and i need to pay

1. Is there anyone who can honestly check my mobile as It is not damaged or fallen i know, i admit that it had happened 4 months ago and it ws working all fine till now.

2 Is this the way customers are mocked and treated at an official service centre

3 I work and earn and run my family all on that phone, i work for an edtech as an academic councilor and that one is te only way i can run my family right now it means a lot to me
i have gone out of my budget as my j7 doesnt support the apps i need at work.

i am still paying bajaj for the emi for that phone.
for you all its one in million phones that you sell for me its one and only

request you to please genuinely help me plpleaase

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