Samsung India: M/W Con 28L MC28H5025VL/TL

I had purchased a Samsung Microwave Convection Model MC28H5025VL/TL on 25/04/2017.

The microwave was generally not in use as my family had not joined me in Hyderabad.

The Microwave used to stop working when used in Convection mode. I called the customer care about the problem and was informed that it's a safety feature that the microwave stops working which I thought could be correct.

The issue used to occur multiple times when using the convection mode. Never happened in Grill Mode.

Logged a complain on 9 nov 2017 4249223334. Service guy comes and tweaks something and informs that the issue would not occur.

Not used the Microwave in convection mode.

Again the problem of Microwave switching off in convention mode.

Logged a complain again on 5 April 2017 4257984962. Service guy comes and tweaks again.

This time while checking found the Grill also switches on when using Convention Mode.

Logged a complain on 13 april 2017 4258459884 informed that the Microwave will be taken to the service centre for testing on Saturday 14 evening. I asked as Sunday would be an off for the service centre can the Microwave be picked on Monday as it would not be worked till Monday and if there would a standby machine be provided.

The Service Manager asked to let them pick the Microwave on Saturday 14 evening and assured me that it would be returned on Monday 16th evening.

I was happy with the assurance of the Service manager.

Today is Sunday 22, I have not yet received any update nor any attempt has been made by the service center to contact me. The numbers provided on the Claim form are not working or no one pick up the call(040-64555671 /64555681).

I tried calling the call center on 19th Thursday and was informed that they will check and arrange a callback but the same has not happened till know.

If someone can please look into this and also share why false commitment are made and customer not informed about the status.

customer id 3715799696

SN: 0ARD7WFH900494K

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