Samsung DW worst service....never buy? how can I get justice??

Dear Sir, my Samsung DW is purchased 4 years before hardly used, maximum 15 wash in last 4 years. In last 4 years, we had to go thru 2 major repairs. This time, I am told that main PCV and Inlet valve, both of them has been failed, and I need to Rs 9300/- of which more than 90% is parts. Prior to that, even before starting the 1st use of the DW in 2016, we were told the main motor is broke and was replaced by paying Rs. 2500/-. This time their Kolkata franchise took almost 2 weeks to identify the problem, shame? I am really amazed how come main PCV and inlet valve can fail in DW that is hardly used? Aren’t these main parts should be designed for life of DW??? That shows product quality of Samsung, especially the DW! Samsung is a very big household name...I have Samsung Fridge, Washing machine, TVs. But alas! The product quality of this DW is raising doubt on Samsung brand! I want Samsung engineer to do deep dive and escalate this to Samsung regional after sales head before I start the social media campaign.
Complaint number registered: 426378876

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