Samsung AC product and service, Pathetic!

I have a Samsung 1.5 ton, 5 Star split AC. The unit with a aluminum body outer unit.

The AC gave a good out only for the 1st year and after that in every 4 months there is an issue with the cooling, sensors doesn't work, and gas reduces.
The product is not worth at all and i would never recommend anyone to buy Samsung AC's.
About the service: Their customer care is the worst ever and you will go crazy as they do not keep a record or history of you calls, you have to explain the issue again and again to different agents.
They register your complaint, you get an SMS, they will assign a technician, that person will come after several follow-ups. They will take the 1st visit charge (650 Rupees) and tell you that we will come back to pick-up your AC and they will never turn back, and you will get a message from Samsung which says "Dear customer, service order is pending for your confirmation" they leave the ticket halfway without addressing the issue.
You register a second complain, explain the issue in detail again, they send a technician, they will visit, take the 1st visit charge and they will not turn-up after that and that's how the cycle goes on.

Now, i am totally fed-up with this vicious cycle as there is no solution to this. I have made up my mind to never ever buy Samsung AC'or any other home appliances.
I feel their focus is to just sell expensive mobile phones and not good in the consumer home appliances segment.

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