Reliance Employee Involved in Threatening Criminal Calls

SUB: Reliance Employee Involved in Threatening Criminal Calls , Disclosing of Name and Numbers of Post Paid Mobile NOs :REF: DOTEL/E/2011/13803 .
Employee Phone Number 522-3032271 Calling since past One Year and on 12-9-11 at 11.13 AM

Dear :
against unlawful Illegal practice of Threatening Calls by a Reliance Employee.

I had Four Reliance Phone Numbers which were disconnected in July 2011, August and October 2011, respectively because of more than 250 Anonymous and threatening Calls. Until October 12, 2011, I was unable to track down how can all my phone numbers could be disclosed with in one week to these people who are threatening me. My phone usage is very select, I use it cautiously and only to a few privileged callers. However when I received a call from 522-3032271 on 12-9-2011, at 11.13 AM, Then I realised the reason how could these people could have traced all my phone numbers. This is a Official phone number at 1st Floor Magnum Plaza ,Eldeco Greens , Gomti Nagar . He is a Reliance Employee’ and his involvement was established when he called me on
12-09-11. He has been calling meannonymously past one year . I do not know these people.

As a victim when I requested Reliance Appellate Authority 1st Floor Magnum Plaza ,Eldeco Greens , Gomti Nagar Lucknow – 226010, for support and stop the Caller who was harassing me. Ms. Shobhita Gupta threatened and informed me that if I have a issue with this number I should file an FIR. I had called Reliance Appellate Authority to request for help on 11.57 Am 4-10-2011. However, until today no help has come forward.

What rules and ethics the company adopts and implements when an employee becomes a Threat to a subscriber. Your employee not only disclosed my name and Four phone numbers but is also an associate in this Criminal activity. These people not only disclosed all my phone numbers but also engaged in phone tapping, unauthorised surveillance, from October 29th 2011 until November 11th 2011, this is my assessment and monitoring of my phone number.

It is my sincere request to you to protect us from the dishonest people who can harass us by misusing the law, using such unfair methods of pressure techniques and stalking.

Thanking You

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