Refund issues

During one of Myntra's sale, I had purchased and returned 2 clothing items of ehich refund if around 1300 was due frm Myntra. I had chosen the option of direct deposit into my bank acount. However, even after a wait of more than 1 month and continuous follow up, I had not received my refund. Also, I visited my bank numerous times as the customer care people always said that the amount is transferred. They never had any another answer to my issue. Later after spending hours at the bank, I realised that the amount was credited to a wrong bank account with just two numbers interchanged.

Having known the problem, I immediately contacted Myntra and informed them about the problem as well as a solution to this. How they credited to a wrong account is another issue as they say that I quoted the wrong bank account number. Even if this is accepted, is it not that the bank alwaya checks the beneficiary name and account number before making online transactions?

To continue with the main issue, I informed them abiut the problem and the solution too. The payer bank ie the Myntra's Bank has to submit a mandate to the payee bank that is my bank and then the transaction can be corrected. Having done this, there was no reply from Myntra's side for almost a month. After rigorous follow up the only reply I got was - our job is done. Pls conatct your bank. I again and again kept repeating in my communications that I cannot take any step further unless a mandate by your bank is sent. But everything is just turned to deaf ears. I am just hoping that they do the necessary steps fast or the final option would be approach a consumer court. :(

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