Poor Service by Viveks for Samsung LED Panel

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NCH Consumer Council Complaint number - 1814412140315

Brand - Samsung,Chennai
Dealer - Viveks, OMR,Chennai
Warranty - Yes, Dealer warranty of 30 days for repair.


My Samsung 32" LED Tv panel was replaced by Viveks Home Serve (Mylapore, Chennai) on 8-Aug-2015. The replaced panel is defective. Expressed unsatisfactory service when the replaced panel was delivered. However, service mechanic promised an action within 30 days, if the problem persists. A check for Rs 9500/- paid to Viveks.

The problem persisted and a complaint was made on 10-Aug-2015. The complaint number is 865857. The service provider, Viveks does not attend to the complaint for over 15 days. The service manager of Viveks is Mr.Lakshman and his contact number is - 98407-49230.

I need my service cost of Rs 9500/- returned to me or the panel issue fixed properly.

Request similar aggrieved customers of Viveks and Samsung to join this issue so that they provide good service to customers. [hr]
I also need an escalation contact in Viveks and Samsung for this issue.

Can someone share Viveks Regional Manager contact or Samsung Regional Manager contact?

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