Pathetic YOU broadband - 12 days without internet

I am an unfortunate customer of YOU telecom broadband with A/C # 964082. Today is the 12th day that i am without internet connection. The internet got disconnected because of MGVCL (Electricity board) cut the broadband cable, as they were shifting the electricity poles on which the intelligent people of YOU telecom had tied the broadband cable.

This happened on the 16th Oct. I had placed a complaint on the 16th Oct. itself fearing that as Diwali holidays are nearing, i feared that my connection work would be kept pending in case the Diwali Vacation started, and that fear came true, even after sending 4 reminders to the YOU telecom customer care ( & to the appellate authority of YOU telecom (Ms. Payal Shah - & making daily calls to the customer care number of 7600078787. my case was kept pending.

My parents live abroad & during the festival time i wished to talk to them for a long time,but without internet i was not able to do so. I had to shell out a lot out money to make ISD calls during diwali and gujarati new year. I had asked them to solve my problem on a priority basis, if the holidays start, nobody will come to solve my problem before Laabh Paacham (28th Oct.), the customer care executive also told that the order for the cable was already placed on the 19th Oct. But they didnot heed to my plea. When asked how much time will it take to solve the issue, they said that they cannot give the exact time. Even ms Payal Shah (Appellate authority vadodara) assured that they will solve the issue before 22nd Oct. but that didnot happen. I guess they were all in festive mood. I DONT UNDERSTAND, DOES IT TAKE 12 DAYS TO INSTALL A 70 MTR BROADBAND CABLE?, THEY HAD 7 DAYS BEFORE DIWALI VACATION, SO WHY THIS BIG DELAY. Because of the lousy service i had to suffer a lot. even my work is based on the internet and even i couldnot do that.

All the YOU telecom Staff might have had a nice diwali, but i didnot as i could not talk to my parents and relatives abroad, as YOU telecom staff was very interested in their holidays and not stick to their committment. I had to suffer for problems that i am not responsible for. I would request all the people to not to go for YOU telecom as they do not stay committed to their word and also once or twice in a week their network is always down for a long time because of power outtage or fiber-cut (which is their standard answer for any problem).

As i said that today is the 12th day without internet & i dont know how long it will take for the problem to be solved. i should be compensated for the problems that i faced. If this persists, i will terminate my connection and also approach the consumer court here in Vadodara. I have recorded all the conversations of the You telecom customer care executives and also the conversations with Ms Payal Shah (Appellate authority vadadara). so please do the needful.

Ambrish Sadhu

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