Pathetic servicing during warranty, product breakdown within one month after warranty

Product: Dr Aquaguard Magna (RO+UV+Biotron)
Product price: 17,700 Rs
Purchase date: Aug, 2016

As a part of warranty, there were two services promised, one 6 months from the data of purchase and another 12 months from the date of purchase. Eureka Forbes service person had come down for servicing in Sep 2017 (last service as a part of warranty). After the service he guaranteed that everything was working well, Filters are cleaned, all parts in good shape, nothing needs replacement.

It is just two month now out of warranty and the product has stopped working. It does not give out purified water. I had raised a complaint on the same in Dec 1st week, Eureka Forbes service person came down on 19th Dec 2017. After inspecting the product he says i) Filters are not cleaned, needs to be changed ii) Water Pump is gone iii) Product is leaking from inside, needs some parts to be changed. All of this will attract another Rs 8000 to fix the problems. He also mentioned that the leakage problem does not look a recent one, the product was not serviced correctly.

When enquired about what work was done during previous service while the product was under warranty, neither the service person nor the area manager has details. They simply say we do not know what was the product serviced for when under warranty, without AMC you will have to pay Rs 8000 as the repair cost.

I am being cheated by not servicing the product correctly, harassed me for signing up for AMC. It is not ethical for a company like Eureka Forbes to not service the product correctly when under maintenance. Two months out of warranty the product breaks down and need more than 50% of the product cost to repair it. After being loyal to Aquaguard for more than 15 years, I trusted them for buying a costly water purifier during their launch, now they have betrayed me.

During the warranty period the sales person advised for regular service, every time coming down and marketing AMC. They never serviced the product correctly. Now, Before I sign up for AMC, I expect Eureka Forbes to fix all the components that are under warranty.

Name: Raghavendra Bhat
Ph. No: 08884620121

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