Pathetic service of Citibank

My name is Amit Rajpal and i have a home Loan with Citibank. I wanted to pre-close my home Loan account for which i tried calling the Citibank customer care numbers both the toll free number as well as the city customer care number. On both the numbers when you call they welcome you and ask you to choose a language, then the department and then the specified department in it, then your loan account number then your date of birth and then they would ask you if you want to talk to a customer care representative, u finally think you are through with the long process but to your surprise your call will not be connected to a Citi phone officer but you will be very politely said that " ALL OUR CITI PHONE OFFICERS ARE BUSY ATTENDING OTHER CALLS WE WOULD ATTEND TO YOU SHORTLY". Then you would be given an exact time that in so and so minutes and so and so seconds you will be attended and after waiting again for the given time the moment the bell rings, the line is disconnected.
This process takes at least 5 to 10 minutes.

Now you would think why couldn't i call back again. The problem here is it took me 50 minutes and around 30 calls to get connected as the calls would get disconnected each time i called them back. In the process i got so used that i knew which keys to press as i had tried calling them in-numerous times. The amount of time, energy and money a Citibank customer has to waste is a shame.

The point here is that when the bank is in need for customers (i.e. customers for Home Loans, Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Current a/c, savings a/c and its many other services) they have a call center which will keep on calling people end number of times to get new customers, at the same time the bank has been completely ignorant about the existing customers who have been associated with the bank.

Instead of handling and providing the best possible services to their existing customers, it seems Citibank is more concerned and busy trying to attract new customers.

Citibank should be aware that word of mouth publicity is the strongest to prove how good the company actually is.

With the kind of service it has given me and i am sure many customers like me would be facing the same kind of problem. How does the bank intend to grow its good will in the country or would be able to sustain its good will in the market.

There is a saying: Dhoond ne pe to bhagwan bhi mil jata hai
( If you try and find god u could find him)

For Citibank it is: Dhoond ne pe bhagwan mil jayega par citibank customer care officer nahi
(If you try and find god u could find him, but a citibank customer care officer NEVER)

Thanks & Regards

Amit Rajpal

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