passport police verification done but still status says its pending for police verification.

I applied for the fresh passport on 30-Jan-2018 at PSK, Kolkata.
My Physical Police verification was done on 01-Feb-2018. But since then the status is saying "Pending for physical police verification at Garfa Police Station, Kolkata".
I thought the status will change in 2-3 days but now its been more than 10 days and still status is saying police verification is pending. Why the status is saying police verification is still pending when my police verification has already been done?
How come its not updated even after more than 10 days. Its may be because, that police have not completed there work till now.
I am worried now.
Kindly help. Thanks


Staff member
It means you need to do Police verification again. It was not completed

So please visit police station along with a reference of your city.
These corrupt police officials does not do there work even after getting bribe for each and every work they perform.

Go and make an inquiry of the delay and take an acknowledgement of completion of physical police verification.

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