our complain No. mum1406180143

To Videocon Company Dt. 02.07.2018
I am Sonal Pankaj Shah from Dadar west Mumbai 400028. We purchased Videocon Storm prime Eco wash – 6 kg. On 08.07.2016 From Gemini Electronics Shop No.39 & 40, Dadar Department Stores, Dr. M.C. Jawale Marg, Dadar west Mumbai 400028 By his Bill No. 119326. On 14.06.2018 I was washing cloth in washing machine that time in use condition wash tube was stop but Dryer was working but in morning at 8 am we can’t call or complain so we wait for 11 am and I visited to Gemini Electronics for telling Please send your person our cloth in machine and its stop so his person Mr. Bharat bhai seen my bill and told your machine in warranty period so mechanic will come from company I will forward your complain and his person will come tomorrow at your home. On 15.06.2018 mechanic Mr. Soheb Ahmad his mobile no.09702742882 he came from Byculla service center came and checks our machine and told its timer is fail so we need to replace it I will make report so within a 4 to 5 days we will get new part from company and we will replace it. We request him please brother its difficult 4 to 5 days without washing machine Please if it can do today then we don’t wait for tomorrow so he called at his Byculla service center to Mr. Tukaram on landline no.65278003/4 he told you have to wait minimum 4 to 5 days, we can’t do without we get replace new pcs from company because your machine in warranty period otherwise we can charge and replace today only. So we wait for 5 days after we called to Gemini Electronics & Mr. Tukaram for yet no one came for change, please do for me. So Mr. Tukaram told me yet we not get part, we request him so he given us complain manger name Rajendra Magar his mobile no.8422843306 I asked we need to give our complain No. mum1406180143? so he told no need complain no mam your mobile no. 8976914135 is registered so anyone can see your no. and talk so we called Mr. Rajendra Magar but he never pickup our phone and always message me can’t talk now. Call me later. After on 30.06.2018 we called at call center of Videocon and talk 38 minutes with Sr. Supervisor Mr. mitesh he told I will forward your complain by email and do whatever we can do. During from 20.06.2018 to 30.06.2018 we call all above person but yet as on today 02.07.2018 part not replace I am working woman so too much suffering from this problem.
We not understand all have part if I pay charge but in warranty period no one ready to replace.

Now please we are requesting you please replace our part tomorrow it’s too urgent
Thanking you.
Sonal shah – 8976914135


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