One year old transaction claims on credit cards


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I have a ICICI credit card. This is the 2nd time that I'm receiving such charges. I have beena customer of them past 6yrs in this mean time one card expired and i received a new card. I always paid my debits on time and never late.

Now here comes the issue. Suddenly on my statement some one year old transaction pops up on my expired card and bank says it's my transaction and asks me to pay. Last time it was for 1046/- RS I fought raised a dispute and after investigation they never charged me, It was a fraud transaction and i dnt remember the transaction at all(How can someone remember if one year old transaction pop's how can we be sure that it was our transaction?). Similarly now another transaction of 8918 pops up again bank is claiming that's it is my transaction and this time they are giving the date as 07/04/2018 and when i ask they say it's one yr old transaction. I did raise a complaint, I really wonder why this is happening. They say we dnt charge you when transaction happened now we are charging you. I dnt remember the transaction at all..!! Help me what should i do is it in the rule book of RBI that the merchant can claim his dues at any time? How can I be sure that it is really my transaction? Or It could be that it's the mistake of the back end team that they are mapping someone else transaction to my old expired card. How much time will the merchant be given time to claim his transactions? 3 months it is fine one year and more or any time how cum there is no such restriction. This is pure fraud and unfair practice of collection.

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