Not to buy Vasavi Nivas


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Dear Buyers, Vasavi Nivas Apartments illegal construction or not? Should not be enquired from Owners or Builders but should be enquired in Govt. Offices and court offices. You should enquire the following documents and take your own decision. BBMP has issued notice to apartment Owner to stop illegal construction and plan violation No. 321(1) & 321(2) on 21-03-2014. BBMP has issued Final notice for "sithe karna" No.321(3) on 10-04-2014. Notice to joint director city planning for illegal construction No.325/13-14 on 13-03-2014. Karnataka High Court case No. WP11352/14(LP-BMP), Stay Order on 23-07-2014,Final Order on 30-07-2014. BBMP complaints to Mahadevpura Poilce Station on 23-06-2014 Notice No.325/14. Portion Demolition order from Chief Engineer K.R.Puram PR.No.1/14-15 on 31-05-2015 &18-06-2014. BBMPTF Notice EDGP/BMTF/GR-110-Nov/96/14. BBMP Notice to sub Register offices not to register the above apartments No.325/13-14 on 9-10-2014. BBMP Notice K.M.C Act order No. K.R.V/PR/No.01/14-15 on 31-05-2014. Karnataka Lokayukata case No. compt/uplok-2/Misc 813/2014. BBMP Letter to Lokayukata No HAL Airport Sub Division /PR. No.325/13-14 on 30-9-2014.

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