Non Delivery after purchase from

i am providing the details of my order on timtara

timtara - Order #10179827
Order Status: Awaiting Shipment
Order Date: 29-01-2012 @ 2:48 AM
Order Recipient: Tushar Vibhute
Order Total: Rs. 6,820 INR

after placing the order i got the order conformation mail in which timtara had mentioned the delivery time to be 8 to 10 days after completion of the stipulated time, i sent mail to timtara customer care and they replied that it will be delivered to me in 10 to 20 days. in reply of that mail i forwarded their order confirmation mail sent to me which stated delivery time to be 10 days. again they replied that i will get the delivery in 10 to 20 days. on 21 st day ie 18 feb i again sent mail to customer care which hasen't been replied. i again mailed today ie. on 20-02-12 which has not been replied. again mailed to,,,,,, again got no reply. then i tried to call customer care no which was answered by Mr. Shubh he told that my product will be dispatched on coming Saturday and will get delivered 4 days after that and gave me a complaint no as 20543,

does it make sense for any co in this jet age to make a customer wait for the ordered product for a month.

i request you all to please avoid buying anything from timtara as u will have to wait indefinitely for the bought product

thanks and regards
Tushar Vibhute


Staff member
Tushar nice post, we should all know of such "hidden" truths.

I'll myself be calling to find the status about it. Thanks for the details.

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